Sun Song Stories

Sun Song Stories is a series of short stories aimed at introducing readers to Sun Song, a member of the Tribe, and Otter, the boy she loves. Both are storytellers: Sun Song through her words, and Otter through the beautiful storyteller’s bracelets he crafts from silver.

Readers can learn their harrowing story of life, love, and loss of identity at the hand of the white people—known as the Others to the Tribe—when the pair are forcibly removed from their homes and sent to a government-run Indian School, in  The Storyteller’s Bracelet, available in both electronic and print formats, from Thomas-Jacob Publishing LLC.

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The first in the series is The Boy Who Survived the River. This is Otter’s back story, told in detail for the first time. Available in eBook format exclusively  for Kindle.

* * * * *

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The second story in the series is Why Hummingbird Is So Small. It is the story of Fuss, a tiny Rufous Hummingbird befriended by Sun Song, and his idea of why he is tiny and feisty rather than large and stately, like Raven, and is available in eBook format exclusively from Kindle.

* * * * *

11234983_1001041653241232_1612633290133640879_nIn How Armadillo Got His Armor, Armadillo learns a lesson in perspective: be careful what you wish for, because nothing in life is free, but some things are worth the cost.


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