Sometimes I Think I Am Like Water

Book cover“In this moving book of poetry, Smoky Zeidel celebrates her walk with nature while exploring all the peaks and valleys of life through her kinship with the natural world. In Crescent Meadow, she shares her deep and abiding love for the flora and fauna of this planet we call home. Through On the Anniversary of My Father’s Death, she reflects on the cycle of life while remembering her father, who has sent her a gift every year since his passing. In I’ve Always Thought I Am Like Water, Zeidel takes us on her personal journey of growth and discovery. And in Hush, she invites us to stop, listen, and connect. Read the complete poems and more, plus a bonus chapter from Zeidel’s novel, The Storyteller’s Bracelet.”—Amazon

Praise for Sometimes I Think I Am Like Water:

How fortunate we are that there are poets like Smoky Zeidel who can still plunge fearlessly into nature—in both its wild form and the gardens of childhood—and come up with poems silvery as a trout she writes of. Hers is a bright, aware consciousness that has learned life’s lessons from the Earth, our original teacher.

—Leah Shelleda
Professor Emeritus of Humanities and Philosophy,
College of Marin
Editor, The Book of Now: Poetry for the Rising Tide

As I read, I find myself growing quiet and picturing each setting she so gently describes, hearing the sounds just as she relates them, the breeze as it grazes the skin, or the glazed expression in the eyes of a dead finch … A writer might be exact and perfect in their word-craft, and yet not truly relate the spirit of the subject. Smoky, however, does this very thing in a sparse, uncluttered, beautiful, straightforward way.

A Year in the Life of Empty
The Song of the Banded Tree Snail and Other Tales of Space Travel


Sometimes I Think I Am Like Water is available from Amazon Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, and booksellers everywhere.


Sometimes I Think I Am Like Water, a collection of poems, once again showcases Zeidel’s craftsmanship and her deep connection to nature and the importance of ritual communion with it. What I enjoyed most was the way the poems create a dynamic tension between formalized religious rituals and the direct experience of the sacred and numinous found in spiritual practices tied to the flora and fauna all around us…read the full review on Literary Aficionado.


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