Redeeming Grace

kindle-coverIt’s the early twentieth century, and the tragic deaths of her mother and two younger siblings have left Grace Harmon responsible for raising her sister Miriam and protecting her from their abusive father Luther, a zealot preacher with a penchant for speaking in Biblical verse who is on a downward spiral toward insanity. In the midst of his delusions, Luther believes God has abandoned him and devises a plan to get back into His good graces—a plan that puts both his daughters’ lives in danger and unleashes a frenzy of events that threaten to destroy the entire family. Will Luther succeed in carrying out his crazed plot against his daughters, or will an unlikely hero step in to rescue them all?


“Wow! What a story.”

Big Al’s Books and Pals 

“Some writers have a gift that sets them well above the rest. Being a teacher of writing as well as an author, Zeidel deftly augments her natural talent for storytelling with sharply drawn characters, tight plots, seamlessly woven research, and a high level of symmetry and macro/micro structure….With descriptions of Depression-era America that rival those of John Steinbeck, Cormac McCarthy, and Nick Cave’s And the Ass Saw the Angel, and a subtle but inescapable resemblance to George and Lenny in Of Mice and Men in the relationship between the two brothers, Redeeming Grace examines the foundations of family and cautions that the ways in which we interpret the Word of God and the stories of the Bible can be as destructive as they are uplifting.”

—Joey Madia, Literary Afficionado

Redeeming Grace is available in print and eBook versions at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and fine booksellers everywhere; and in audiobook form at Audible (to sample the audiobook, click here).


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